Looking after your home while you're away

Plant Box

Indoor plants can be watered and fed to your own requirements

from £5

Watering Can

Services include outdoor pots and hanging baskets watered.

In dryer weather a full garden watering service is available.

Grass cutting also available

from £6

Dish Washer

A wide range of services including; emptying household bins, putting out bins on collection day, a variety of kitchen clear-up servcies and more

from £5


Choose from either our basic shop or luxury shop to ensure you have food in the house for your return

from £10

Colorful Bed

We offer two turn down services, either have the beds in your home re-made for your return or have all the beds stripped, washed and re-made

from £5

Tasty dish of oven-baked lasagne topped

A home cooked Lasagne can be prepared and waiting for you in the fridge for when you get home

(Max 8 people)

from £10