Caring for your pets in their own home

Feline Friend

We will visit your pet once each day to feed them, change their water and litter and give them a little company

from £6

Cat on a Soft Blanket

2 daily visits to feed, change water and clear litter for your animal along with providing some company

from £11

Feeding Guinea Pig

We care for a range of animals as well as cats. These include most house based pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish

from £6

Cat Nibble

If you are struggling for time in the run up to your holiday we can arrange to buy your pet food while you are away, this covers all main pet food brands

from £4

Visit to the Vet

We can administer medication to your pet. We are also able to take your pet to the vets in case of an emergency

prices vary